Our Integration Solutions don’t 
 Modify MAS 90/200

We’ve spent a great deal of design time ensuring we don’t modify the MAS 90/200 code base. Any changes to the system are done with Custom Office, including adding new fields and running import/export functions through buttons.

Integration Solutions for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200
Integration Solutions for Sage MAS 90/200 ERP

Document multiplexing is one such capability provided by B to B-Link not found in other integration solutions. An example of document multiplexing could be; imagine a Purchase Order being imported into the ERP system. The Purchase Order, when imported, would create Accounts Receivable Customer records and Customer Address records at the same time.

All documents processed with B to B-Link, whether XML, CSV or something else, are subject to the same error handling, logging and historical tracking as any other document.

Although an add-on module for Sage MAS 90/200, our integrations solutions do not modify the core MAS 90/200 products. Rest assured on the stability and reliability of B to B-Link.

The right tools for the Job
No Modifications
Automation Tools
Standardized Document Handling
Document Multiplexing

Tasked based automation tools enable seemlees realtime integration for any document. The B to B-Link scheduler allows per minute precision for hands off worry free operation.

Sage C/M Custom Office is completely supported and can be used to execute import/export tasks.

We at B to B Visions not only excel at integration with EDI but we're also experienced with many commonly used integration technologies.

Using the intuitive mailbox interface Sage MAS 90/200 users can process XML documents, Delimited Files (CSV, excel etc) and fixed width files with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Because of the extremely flexible mapping tool,B to B-Link is especially good a handling the complicated integrations which normally push standard integration tools to their limits.