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EDI Solutions for Sage MAS 90/200 ERP
The B to B-Link add-on module for the Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP accounting systems is the only EDI solution that exists completely as part of the ERP package. B to B-Link includes the highest level of integration available with the addition of communications using AS2 technology. Simply put, B to B-Link allows MAS 90/200 to understand EDI.
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What Separates a B to B Visions EDI Solution from the Competitors?

Many EDI Vendors provide users with “Compliance” solutions and not true integration solutions. Compliance involves management of EDI by using wasted paper and print outs and not by true document integration. This is great when it comes to meeting the requirements of your trading partners, but useless for enhancing the efficiency of your business. Large companies use EDI extensively to keep costs down, why not your company?  Certain companies such as Wal-mart would be unable to function without large scale EDI implementations which are pivotal to the operation of the company.

A higher degree of integration is possible with the B to B-Link module then with the competition. B to B-Link in unsurpassed when it comes to integration solutions in the MAS90/200 ERP system. EDI is meant for integration, if it’s not used that way, you’re not saving money

Typical EDI providers use a process commonly titled “translation” in their EDI solutions. This involves converting EDI data to a format which the ERP system can understand. But translation isn’t required; it’s complicated, tedious for everyone involved and in some cases, very expensive. That’s why B to B-Link doesn’t translate, it integrates.
The uneeded step of EDI data translation
B to B-Link drastically simplifies the process by eliminating the step of translation entirely, allowing direct communication with Trading Partners and enabling an unparalled level of EDI integration for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP accounting systems.
B to B-Link drastically simplifies the process
The following diagram demonstrates the unnecessary step of translation used by other EDI solution providers.
EDI the way it should be
Integration Module
Sage MAS 90 ERP Sage MAS 200 ERP
ERP Format
ERP Format
Translation Service Provider
Translator Software
Trading Partner
Trading Partner
Sage MAS 90 ERP
Sage MAS 200 ERP 
B to B-Link
Complete EDI system
One module for MAS 90/200 
Intuitive mailbox interface 
Integrates ANY EDI document 
Communicate via AS2
Extremely flexible integrations
Precise scheduling
Powerful batch processing 
Detailed history and logging 
Multi-user capable 
Email notification system
Mailbox filtering and searching
Sage C/M Custom Office support 
Capable of real-time integrations 
Built in data cross-referencing 
Does not modify source code
Extremely fast 
Business rule error trapping 
User defined error trapping
Since our EDI solutions contain less moving parts, it’s inherently cheaper. No need to purchase any translation or communication software packages, it’s all part of the B to B-Link module for MAS 90/200. Not only is it cheaper to purchase but it’s cheaper to run. If the trading partner supports AS2 communications, B to B-Link allows for a direct connection with them over the internet, enabling free EDI with no VAN or networks charges.
Less software, cheaper price
B to B-Link effectively removes half of the work involved in using an EDI system, including setup, support and daily processing. Setup is a breeze with B to B-Link, it’s just like any other module for MAS 90/200. EDI terms and functionalities are easily related to the users and presented in understandable ways. Daily processing with B to B-Link couldn’t be easier; having a mailbox built directly into the ERP makes EDI intuitive and familiar to anyone already using MAS 90/200.
Giving a new meaning to simple
The difference between "translated EDI" and "integrated EDI"
Installation of additional software 
Unnecessary steps
Cumbersome websites 
VAN Charges *
Additional network fees 
Data synchronizations/merges 
Data translation 
Extra support agreements 
All of the hassle of using EDI
* When AS2 is supported by 
the Trading Partner
Not Required
Highest Level of Integration
Because B to B-Link exists as an add-on module for MAS 90 and MAS 200, the integration capabilities are limitless. No need for daily data syncronizations or merges. B to B-Link can integrate any EDI document to any source or destination within MAS 90 and MAS 200 seemlessly and easily.
AS2 Communications is the future
Large trading partners are actively switching to systems using AS2 technology. AS2 technology enables EDI communicates without using a VAN and without the often enormous VAN fees. B to B-Link is fully AS2 capable, allowing MAS 90 and MAS 200 to directly communicate with any supporting trading partners.