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Integration Suite for Sage MAS 90/200 ERP
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B to B Visions' flagship product, designed as a complete integration solution for Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP. An extended module suite designed for any and all integration needs. B to B-Link is B to B Visions next-generation integration solution.

Having provided MAS 90 and MAS 200 users with integration solutions for over 15 years, B to B Visions found a more powerful integration tool was needed for MAS 90 and MAS 200. Businesses have become dependant on tightly knit integration solutions, capable of handling expanding businesses and new requirements.

 EDI Implementations (X12 EDIFACT)
 Website integrations (XML HTML)
 Database Syncronization (SQL ODBC)
 Third Party Warehouse Integrations
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
 Point of Sale Systems (POS)
 Freight Carrier Integrations (FedEx, UPS)    
Excel CSV and Fixed Width Files
 SAP iDocs
• Detailed History
• Detailed Logs  
• Powerful batch processing
• Capable of real-time integrations
• Business rule error trapping 
• User defined error trapping
• High flexible data mapping
• Simple to use expression builder
• Modular design
• Part of MAS 90/200, access to all data 
• Duplicate document handling 
• Filtering and sorting tools 
• Precise scheduling
• Designed for speed 
• Does not modify source code 
• Wizards allow for easy setup 
• Native C/M Custom Office support
• Cross-Referencing, User-defined
Product Features
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B to B-Link surpasses other integration systems with the integration management tools provided. This is accomplished with history, audit trails, in depth error trapping and handling, data validation, scheduling and filtering tools. Using the mailbox, B to B-Link users have the ability to control the flow of documents in or out of MAS 90/200 as batches or in real-time as information is added into the accounting system.

At the core of B to B-Link, is the mailbox. The mailbox provides a simple to use intuitive interface similar to Microsoft Outlook, built directly into the accounting system for management of all your imported and exported documents.

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